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Patton Oswalt Reads His Daughter’s Fart-Focused Short Story on TV

"Fartland is a land where people who fart a lot get sent. You are one of those people. So you will go there."


Last night, comedian Patton Oswalt was a guest on The Late Late Show with James Corden and, rather than stick to the usual late-night script of engaging in awkward small talk and semi-amusing anecdotes, decided to do a dramatic reading of ‘Fartland’, a short story written by his eight-year-old daughter Alice. It was hilarious. During their interview, Corden asked Oswalt about his daughter and whether she has done any comedy acting or writing. This, of course, opened the door for Oswalt to talk about Alice’s flatulence-focused story on national TV. When Oswalt admitted that he had a copy of ‘Fartland’ with him (and why wouldn’t he), Corden demanded that he read it to the audience.

Oswalt read ‘Fartland’ with a Christian-Bale level of brooding intensity while a piano ominously played in the background. And he delivered lines like “Fartland is a land where people who far a lot get sent. You are one of those people. So you will go there” with just the right amount of emotion. By the time Oswalt was done, Corden and fellow guest Darren Criss were nearly in tears. Presumably from the reading, but who knows, maybe Oswalt let one rip as well.

‘Fartland’ actually became an online sensation earlier this year, when Oswalt took to Twitter to share his daughter’s absurd and hilarious story. It turned out to be a hit with his followers, receiving more than 22,000 likes. As a comedy writer, Oswalt was clearly proud to see that his daughter was following in his footsteps at such a young age.