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Watch J-Lo Give Her Daughter the World’s Most Inspiring Pep Talk

Can J-Lo be our mom?

Jennifer Lopez/YouTube

As if J-Lo didn’t have enough accomplishments under her belt, she’s now adding “Mom of the Year” to the list. The singer recently shared video of a pre-performance pep talk she gave to her daughter Emme, and it’s seriously so sweet.

Last week, Lopez kicked off her It’s My Party concert tour in Inglewood, California with a surprise duet with her 11-year-old daughter. In a documentary-style YouTube video, she shares the process of putting together the live show, including a clip of her and Emme before going onstage.

After Emme’s vocal warm-ups, Lopez gives her daughter a big hug and grabs her head lovingly. “So proud of you,” she says. “Even if you didn’t go out there, I’d be so proud of you.”

“But for what?” Emme asks.

“Everything that you are,” her mom answers. “It’s true. You’re such a good, loving, beautiful soul.”

Aaaand cue the waterworks.

J-Lo’s encouraging words were probably a huge contributor to Emme’s confidence on-stage. The mother-daughter duo belted out the song “Limitless” (with some impressively high notes from the 11-year-old budding star) ending with a loving embrace and massive round of applause from the audience. The mother-daughter performance quickly went viral, as fans around the world were blown away by Emme’s incredible talent. Clearly, she inherited some of her mom’s tremendous talent.

Lopez shares Emme and her twin brother Max with ex-husband Marc Anthony. The twins clearly take after their musical parents (Max is a singer as well), and given the support system they have, they’ll surely go far.