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Watch This Insane Little League Tag Out At Home Plate

A cannon arm, quick reflexes, and a crazy jump made this play awesome.

Twitter / @LittleLeague

Talk about a bang-up play. In a lead-up game to the Little League World Series on Sunday, a catcher and center fielder from Mississippi hooked-up for a show-stopping tag out at home plate. With two on and two out in the Southwest Regional elimination game between New Mexico and Mississippi in Waco, Texas, a New Mexico hitter drilled the ball into center field. As the runner from second lumbered around third, center fielder Jamari Tolliver fielded the ball and gunned it home to Jailen Hunt. After initially dropping it, Hunt picked up the ball with his barehand just in time to tag the runner out mid-air as he tried to hop over the young catcher. The threat was ended, although New Mexico went on win the game 10-6 and dash Mississippi’s dream of making it to Williamsport. 

Footage of the play was posted on the Little League’s official website and twitter page, and in just a few days has garnered the attention of online news outlets and internet users across the nation.

New Mexico went on to defeat Louisiana on Monday but was eliminated from the tournament following a 3-2 loss to Oklahoma.