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Watch David Beckham Lose it When Brooklyn Surprises Him For His Birthday

A surprise from Brooklyn made David Beckham get teary eyed.

Instagram @victoriabeckham

Prepare yourself for some peak father-son joy. David Beckham celebrated his 43rd birthday recently and was left speechless when his eldest son Brooklyn paid him a surprise visit. His wife Victoria Beckham, the poshest of Spices, arranged the surprise  and managed to get the whole exchange on video. And boy is it touching. 

David’s birthday celebration was a small family affair held at a London restaurant. During the meal, Brooklyn walks in to surprise his dad. And, while Victoria tries to steal her husband’s attention right as her son entered, Beckham isn’t fooled and and, elated, shares a long hug with his son. David looks to be teary eyed but all smiles as he keeps repeating to Brooklyn, who arrived from New York where he is attending college, “What are you doing here?!”

Beckham, a father of four, by all accounts, seems to be a notoriously great and affectionate dad. He prioritizes giving his kids affection over appeasing other people, evidenced by when fans gave him a hard time for kissing his youngest daughter on the lips and he just couldn’t have cared less. Then there was the lengthy Instagram story of a snow day with his kids. Oh, and not to mention he’s a beast at playing with Lego’s. Happy Birthday, Becks.