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‘Star Wars’ Fans Finally Get to See How Han Solo and Lando Meet

And it was every bit as badass as you'd expect.

Lucasfilm/Disney Pictures

Solo comes to theaters later this month and, as hype builds, fans are desperately pining for a sneak peek into the origins of the galaxy’s greatest space smuggler. A new clip that just surfaced online offers just that glimpse. It reveals how Han Solo met his longtime frenemy Lando Calrissian, and it’s every bit as wonderful and tense as super fans have always imagined.

The clip begins with a gambling Lando collecting his winnings after a hand of Sabacc, as Solo enters the casino and asks to take a seat at the table. Always the hustler, Han then takes the ringer approach ⏤ he mispronounces the name of the game and notes that he’s only played the game “a couple times.” The two men then officially introduce themselves as the cards are dealt and Han asks Lando about a story he’s heard. “Everything you’ve heard about me is true,” Lando confidently declares before Han presumably tells the tale. Unfortunately, the clip ends and fans are left hanging for a few more weeks.

On its surface, it’s a simple scene but one overflowing with subtext, as the two scoundrels seem to immediately recognize that the other is not a typical chump who will easily be swindled. Lando and Han keep the conversation casual and polite, yet the undertones make it clear that they’re both trying to read the other in order to gain a mental advantage. It’s exactly how you’d expect two cocky, smooth-talking alpha males to interact ⏤ casually trading barbs in an attempt to establish their dominance.

There are also several wonderful Easter Eggs that are sure to delight die-hard Star Wars fans, including the fact that they are playing Sabacc, the game Lando later played to allegedly “win Cloud City.” Additionally, Lando mispronounces Solo’s name (saying “Han” instead of “Hon”), which is a fun reference to how Billy Dee Williams infamously mispronounced Han’s name in the original trilogy.