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Watch This 14-Year-Old Dunk Over Another Player

Future NBA prospect? You'd have to think so.

@JrNBA Twitter

For years, the biggest stage for elite youth athletes was the Olympics, The Little League World Series, and perhaps the FIFA U-17 World Cup. Young basketball players, however, had nowhere to showoff their skills. That changed recently with the first annual Jr. NBA World Championship, a competition for the world’s best basketball teams under 14-years-old. And the kids didn’t waste any time taking advantage of the spotlight. During the inaugural tournament, 14-year-old Jarace Walker stunned the crowd when he jumped clear over one of his teammates to dunk the ball on the last night of the tournament.

Now, the dunk didn’t take place during an actual game but on skills night, when the kids come up to show off their craziest moves. But that didn’t make it any less impressive. Walker, who’s only in eighth grade has been playing on a high school team for the last year and is already a top ten-prospect in his graduating class of 2022. Moreover, it wasn’t some weak-willed dunk either. Walker got some serious hang time and put himself way above the rim.

It makes sense that Walker has already committed to IMG Academy, a top-tier basketball high school in Florida. In all likelihood, he’ll bypass the JV squad entirely and go straight to balling with upperclassmen on the varsity team.