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Watch This 4-Year-Old’s Impassioned Speech About the Importance of Reading

Can somebody book this kid for the Harvard commencement address?

Kang-Xing Jin Facebook

Master Caleb Stewart has a deep appreciation for the written word. Like, really deep. In fact, the 4-year-old from Tallahassee, Florida, enjoys reading so much that he was recently compelled to give an extremely thoughtful speech about the importance of reading to a handful of middle school teachers. And it wasn’t just any old preschool speech, it was convincing.

Caleb was actually standing on the table when he delivered his speech and one of the teachers recorded it on their phone. The video, in which the sharply dressed 4-year-old is wearing a suit, has been viewed over two million times.

“I am here to speak to you about the importance and benefits of reading,” Master Caleb says. “I personally read every day. Reading every day has made me smarter. It has also strengthened my vocabulary and language skills, allowing me to pronounce new and big words without even thinking about it.”

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Posted by Kang-Xing Jin on Monday, August 6, 2018

Caleb goes on to mention how reading has sharpened his long-term memory, made him better at solving problems, and most importantly, taught him to “not be afraid.” Speaking with an overwhelming level of authority, it’s clear the kid has a way with words. To Master Caleb, that means trying to read different types of things, as well. “Although books are excellent tools for reading,” he says, “kids should be encouraged to cultivate their imagination and find other materials such as newspapers, magazines, restaurant menus, or maybe even billboards riding down the highway.”