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America’s Next Big Sport? Baby Racing!

We're officially obsessed.


Fans at a recent NCAA basketball game got to see a brand new sport in action: baby racing. During halftime of the March 12 match-up between the Boston College Eagles and Pittsburgh Panthers, toddlers took to the court to see who would be crowned the quickest crawler.

In the clip, which ESPN posted to their Facebook page, six parents line up at one end with their little ones while “Baby Shark” blares over the loudspeakers. As soon as the toddlers are released, one tiny fan, named Javi, takes off… only to stop a few yards out, turn around, and start crawling back to his mom.

Then Jack, sporting a UNC Tarheels tee, breaks free and takes the lead, followed closely by Paisley. It looks like Jack will be the clear winner—until he suddenly slows down just a few feet from half court. At the same time, Paisley picks up her pace and surpasses Jack, crossing the finish line in first place.

In what ESPN dubbed “*might* be the most dramatic finish to a baby race ever,” it looks as if what got Paisley speeding towards the finish wasn’t her parent, but instead the Playstation controller sitting nearby.

The video has already received over 64 million views and 423,000 likes so far on Facebook as people are loving the new “sport.” One viewer joked, “I sure hope those losing kids were cut from their families for bringing dishonor to their family name,” while another chimed in, “Gotta check him for PEDs. Performance enhancing diapers.”

2019 ACC Tournament Baby Race with an amazing finish!

This *might* be the most dramatic finish to a baby race ever ????

Posted by ESPN on Thursday, March 14, 2019