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Watch This 150,000-Piece Domino Tribute to Mario

A YouTuber spent more than two months preparing for this one amazing video.


To celebrate the release of Super Mario: Odyssey, the latest entry in Nintendo’s Koopa-smashing series, YouTuber TheDominoKing created an incredible domino tribute to everyone’s favorite Italian plumber. To watch it fall is to see a visual history of some of the franchise’s most beloved moments and characters. To steal a phrase from the subject: Wha-wha-wha-wha-WAHOO!

TheDominoKing used 148,777 dominoes to construct his homage to everyone’s favorite Koopa-stomper. Those tiles work to create detailed renderings of everyone from classic characters like Bowser and Princess Peach to newer favorites like Super Mario Odyssey standout Pauline. Check it out:

Given the massive scale of this Mario-themed domino set, the video is not one continuous tracking shot of domino mural. Instead, each “scene” was recorded separately and then they were all edited together for the final video. Despite this, TheDominoKing’s epic display clearly resonated with Nintendo fans, as the video has more than 717,000 views in less than two days.

As his name might lead you to believe, this isn’t TheDominoKing’s first rodeo. In fact, he previously built another Mario tribute that involved more than 80,000 dominoes. Sufficed to say he topped himself with his latest creation. But when you’re TheDominoKing, you’re likely your own competition.