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Disney’s First Trailer For ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ Looks Magical

The highly-anticipated sequel features Emily Blunt as the supernatural nanny.


The first trailer for Mary Poppins Returns, the highly-anticipated Disney sequel to the 1964 classic, was officially released online last night after airing during the Academy Awards. The teaser trailer gives almost no details about the film’s plot, instead choosing to provide brief glimpses of a few of the main characters, including the first look at Emily Blunt as the superpowered nanny.

The trailer opens with Jack, a lamplighter played by Lin-Manuel Miranda, following a mysterious kite blowing in the wind. Jack enlists the help of a young boy to hold on to the kite’s string when suddenly Mary Poppins appears in the sky, gracefully gliding down to earth with iconic umbrella in hand.

Upon her return, Poppins heads straight to a now grown-up Michael and Jane Banks ⏤ played by Ben Wishaw and Emily Mortimer ⏤ who let her know how wonderful it is to see her again. Poppins then delivers her lone line of the 90-second trailer, replying, “Yes, it is, isn’t it?” The trailer ends with a classic bit of Poppins’ magic, as her reflection in the mirror is all that remains as Mary heads off to save the day with a potent combination of valuable life lessons and inexplicable supernatural abilities.

At this point, little is known about Mary Poppins Returns beyond the cast and very basic plot details. It is believed that the upcoming Disney film will take place in 1930s London and will revolve around Poppins returning to once again help the Banks family in a time of crisis. The trailer seems to confirm that speculation. Along with Blunt, Miranda, and Wishaw, the stacked cast includes Meryl Streep, Angela Lansbury, and Colin Firth. Marry Poppins Returns is slated for release in theaters on Christmas Day.