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Watch This Dad’s 6-Minute Reaction to His Wife’s Pregnancy

Shock turns to skepticism turns to optimism in this hilarious clip.


A lot of people will say that the only real difference between fear and excitement is your attitude. When one woman recorded her husband’s six-minute reaction to finding out they’d be expecting their fourth child, he didn’t seem sure which of the two he was feeling. In any case, his reaction — and the elaborate setup by his wife — is one of the best we’ve ever seen.

It only takes a few seconds to read a pregnancy test, so the duration of the video should clue you into Charlie Stewart’s mental state. His wife Jahann placed the positive pregnancy test atop a glass of iced tea before walking out of the room, and into the one where her husband was watching television. She asked him to go grab the drink for her before pointing the camera at him for the incoming comedic gold.

Charlie did not disappoint, immediately making a beeline out of the door and down the stairs. Jahann then asked “Where’s my tea at?” before Charlie, now pacing back and forth at the bottom of the steps, yells “I’m leaving!” That quickly changed into skepticism as, Charlie repeatedly asked his wife “Did you get this from a joke store?” and “You got a blue marker?!” He then starts blowing and fanning on the test as he periodically exclaims “fix it!”

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Posted by Jahann Brown Stewart on Saturday, March 24, 2018

His reaction didn’t seem to be out of anger, but rather a quick fit of dad-stress. He seemed to be lamenting the cost of diapers and all the extra energy that raising a baby requires, especially when you’re already three kids deep. As Jahann starts laughing at his outburst, Charlie can be heard saying “We’re not doing it any more,” “I’m done!,” and “I’m sleeping with long johns on from now on” all the while his wife cackles in the background.

At the end, Charlie’s wailing wasn’t going to change the facts. And when he calms down, he comes to his senses. “We’re gonna be alright,” he says before the video comes to an end. We’re pulling for you Charlie. You got this.