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Watch a Dad Prank the Hell Out of His Teenage Daughter

And they said a taxidermy raccoon wouldn't come in handy.


In the ever-escalating race to see who can prank their children the best, one North Carolina dad may have just scored the top spot, with the help of a taxidermied raccoon.

Kevin Carswell, a retired police officer who lives in North Carolina, decided to prank his teenage daughter. He littered the floor of his kitchen pantry with a whole bag of potato chips, and then invited his daughter in to take a first-hand look at the wreckage. Carswell’s daughter incredulously asks her dad about the mess: “How did you not notice that a whole bag of chips was emptied onto the pantry floor?” Carswell slyly replies “I haven’t been in the pantry. Somebody did that.” She curiously peruses the pantry, looking for the source of the mess, before uncovering the stuffed raccoon her dad planted. Her reaction is spectacular.

This is a great dad-prank. Per our tips about the best way to prank a kid without being an asshole, Carswell’s works because it pushes his daughter to adjust her expectations “then re-adjust expectation then re-re-adjust expectations without having that final step be an act of disappointment.” In other words, it was all in good fun. Pranking kids is a delicate art, and thankfully, Carswell’s stunt ended with laughs all around.