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Watch Dad’s Hilarious Reaction to Son’s $86,000 ‘Fortnite’ Victory

Sometimes it pays to play.


Fortnite is a staggeringly popular battle royale video game that’s amassed 125 million players since its release last July. To call the game popular is an understatement. Drake lent it his culture cache, novelist John Green used it for an experiment in pacifism, teenagers hacked their school just so they can play it. And even though some parents are wary of the addicting game, one dad is totally fine with his kid playing. And that’s because last Friday, his son Reverse2K won $86,000 in the Summer Skirmish, an eight-week Fortnite tournament hosted by Epic Games.

“Eighty-six fucking thousand dollars?” his dad exclaimed in a heartfelt phone call posted on Twitch, a platform for live streaming video games online,”You’re going to need a fucking tax guy!” He then asked his son if he was crying, following the question up with, “Hey! Hey! I would too brother!”

Throughout the clip, the Fortnite gamer can’t help but smile.

The winnings are part of the $8 million pledged by Epic towards its eight-week Summer Skirmish tournament, where some of the best gamers and streamers in the world were invited to duke it out in a computer-generated battlefield.

Reverse2K won $86,000 after his performance in the tournament’s Hold The Throne challenge, which rewarded players for securing the most kills and holding on to the top position. After chasing kills, Reverse2K fought his way to that throne and held onto it up until the end of the game earning him $50,000. Then, by ranking 5th overall, he cashed in another $36,000 for the $86,000 total. And while winning thousands of dollars is great, getting a feel-good phone call from dad is a level up.