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Watch Conan O’Brien and Bill Hader Play ‘God of War’ and Get Weird About Their Dads

O'Brien and Hader weren't moved to be better dads after playing.

Youtube Team Coco

Conan O’Brien sat down with Bill Hader to talk about Hader’s new show Barry and take turns playing the new God of War, video game.While the previous entries into the God of War series have been strictly about the main character Kratos and his perpetually bloodthirsty quests for vengeance, the newest entry features an older, more world-weary character, his relationship with his young son Atreus, and their joint, quest for, well, vengeance. The game really nails the father-son relationship and seems to have hit a little close to home as playing it inspired both Hader and O’Brien to crack jokes about paternal bods and reminisce about their own dads.

The God of War segment was part of Conan’s recurring “Clueless Gamer,” where he, clearly not a video game guy, tries (and fails) at different titles while chatting with guests and making funny comments. And God of War certainly led to a number. As Kratos and Atreus meet on the screen, O’Brien jokes that if someone were to just pull up and see them playing the game it would look like a grown man was just chasing a little boy with a huge axe, before noting that the game reminded him of “recreating the awkward silences’” he’s had with his own father. Ironically, after saying that, O’Brien noted that he thought that there was too much talking.

“I don’t really care about the relationship between the dad and the son,” Hader said. “I don’t think anybody is gonna play that video game and go ‘You know what, this video game has really taught me that I need to have a better relationship with my son.’” You can watch the entire segment here.