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Watch Cheerleaders Call Out Their Anti-Masker Parents At High School Football Game

These kids are not having it.

Schools across the country are reopening for the 2020-2021 school year, for better or for worse, amid the COVID-19 pandemic that has been raging on and on and on, leading to millions of sick Americans and hundreds of thousands of dead ones. In Utah, schools are no different, reopening apace. But high school students at one school in Enterprise, Utah, have made the news for a relatable reason: they’re begging their Boomer parents to wear masks. 

At a football game in Enterprise, Enterprise high school cheerleaders and football players stood in front of the crowd of football attendees, presumably one filled with parents, and begged them to wear masks. Apparently, anti-masker parents in Enterprise had been planning a “No Mask Monday” protest and were going to force their children to attend school without masks, despite a state-wide mask mandate. Well, students caught wind of it and weren’t happy, even though the protest wasn’t much of a success — apparently, only six students out of 35,000 in Washington County, Utah, didn’t wear masks, meaning that the vast, vast, vast majority of students know the importance of mask wearing and didn’t want to mess around.

This right here is 100% what it’s about! If you don’t want to support our local teachers and administrators! Feel free to home school, send your kids to a private or charter school! Don’t mess it up for our kids who choose to wear a mask and go to school and play sports! Take your frustration and protests elsewhere, like the office that mattters! Governors office, not the Elementary or High School! I support our local schools and administrators 100%. They have bent over backwards to accommodate our children! Let’s support them! Please!

Posted by Mike Cobb on Saturday, August 22, 2020

But still, cheerleaders and football players, standing on the field and all wearing masks, begged their parents to wear masks. “In order to do your part, we ask that you please mask up,” cheerleader Dallee Cobb said in a video her dad, Mike Cobb, posted on Facebook. He appeared to be very proud of his daughter for standing up and speaking out. “We of all people should know that wearing a mask is not fun. Neither is wearing a seat belt. Or a life jacket. Or pads for football. But we do all these things so that we have a future.”

For Cobb, it’s about ensuring a return to normalcy. “We want to have senior year, we want to have homecoming, and prom, and graduation,” she said. Which is totally fair.