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Watch Bill Murray Make a Gender Reveal Party Awesome

Murray strikes again with what may be his first gender reveal.


Over the course of his long reign as a famous person, actor, and all around cool guy, Bill Murray has achieved a something very rare: He’s managed to become the only celebrity who capable of generating good press by doing literally anything. Murray could honestly be backstage at a Hall and Oates concert reading names out of the phonebook or just buying coffee or nodding vaguely in the direction of strangers on a train and people would adore him for it. That is the power he has accrued by charmingly crashing parties for decades. Last week, the actor-turned-icon burnished his legend further, participating in tthe gender reveal of a child during the Caddyshack Golf Tournament in Florida.

Naturally, a clip of the event went viral.

Michael Davis was playing in the tournament while his wife Jaqueline was there spectating. The two planned to reveal the gender of their next child using a golf ball, that would explode on impact into blue or pink dust. While Michael was initially supposed to be the one hitting the ball, the couple ended up asking John Reisig (co-owner of The Chive) to do the honor. Reisig agreed, but spotted a better option. He asked for Murray’s assistance and received same.

When the ball exploded into blue dust, Murray, a father himself, seemed slightly shocked but pleased. He recovered quickly and requested that the boy be named Bill.

The reveal was just the latest example of Murray doing a solid for a friendly family. There was also that time that Murray helped a couple reveal their pregnancy at a Chicago Cubs game. And that time he crashed a wedding and took pictures. The man loves a gag. He also gets it. He’s a supportive family man.  He recently helped bartend at a restaurant opening in Brooklyn, New York. The restaurant belonged to his son.

So, congrats to the new parents and to a 67-year-old comedy legend who hasn’t lost touch.  

Gender Reveal

FORE! Bill Murray helped a couple reveal the gender of their baby GroundHog Day-style. Courtesy William Murray Golf

Posted by WTHR-TV on Friday, May 4, 2018