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Watch Alec Baldwin Teach His Trump Impression to His Four-Year-Old Daughter

She lacks her dad's accuracy, but makes up for it with general cuteness.

Yesterday, Alec Baldwin appeared on Ellen to promote his new parody book You Can’t Spell America Without Me and revealed that he is already teaching his daughter how to pull off the perfect Trump impression. The actor spoke about the book, which pokes fun at Trump by faux-documenting his first 100 days in office, and confirmed that he would be returning to Saturday Night Live this season to continue his flensing of the President. He then showed Ellen a video of him doing his Trump impersonation with his four-year-old daughter Carmen, who may be on her way to replacing her old man on SNL by the end of Trump’s presidency.

In the clip, Baldwin asks Carmen when he goes on TV to imitate Trump and she quickly answers Saturday, since it’s in the name of the show. Baldwin then begins teaching her his tricks for his presidential mockery, starting with the hands and then doing his patented scrunched face and slightly-exaggerated voice while repeatedly saying “Saturday.” Carmen tries to copy her dad as much as possible, but she is too busy laughing at watching his ridiculous actions. Still, while she may not bring the same verisimilitude as her old man, she sure is awwwww inspiring.

Baldwin admitted that earlier in the year he was not sure he would come back to SNL to portray Trump but ultimately decided to return when the new season premieres on September 30. It’s comforting to know that Baldwin is training his replacement. And if Carmen’s not interested, one of Baldwin’s 25 less famous brothers could also step in.