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Watch a Toddler and Cat Team Up to Figure Out How to Open a Door

"Teamwork makes the dream work."


How many kids and cats does it take to open a door? One of each, according to the adorable video going viral on Reddit. The clip, posted to the “awww” channel on Wednesday morning, features a pajama-clad toddler who enlists the help of the family cat to pull down a door handle that’s just out of her reach.

The child, after standing on her tip-toes in an attempt to grab the handle, crouches down to the black cat sitting at her feet and tries to lift it up. But the cat is clearly not having any part of it. So when that fails, the toddler steps back in defeat—only to watch the cat leap up and pull open the closed door.  The video ends with the child flinging out her hands in shock, obviously as surprised as viewers are by the cat’s athletic jump.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork from aww

Captioned “teamwork makes the dream work,” the video already has over 56,500 points (which are the Reddit equivalent of Facebook likes) and 450 comments. One viewer gushed, “This is so cute. The baby has probably seen the cat do it and was like ‘kitty can help me escape!'” Another even related it to a popular daily comic strip, saying “This is some real life Calvin and Hobbes shit if I’ve ever seen it.”

Some users question whether it’s really teamwork, though, noting that the cat opened the door all on its own. “That’s not teamwork. The cat did all the work. The baby was useless!” one comment read, while another joked, “‘Hold my beer baby…’ – cat, probably.”