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Warriors Superstar Kevin Durant Donate $10 Million to College Track

The donation will help to put local kids through college.


In the wake of Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham telling NBA stars Kevin Durant and Lebron James to “Shut up and dribble” after they expressed anti-Trump sentiments, Durant getting louder. The Warriors star has donated some $10 million to the program College Track, which gives children in under-served neighborhoods the tools to get to and graduate from college. The donation is intended to expand the program in Prince George’s County where Durant grew up and where only 31 percent of people over 25 have a college degree.

Along with making the huge donation, Durant will team up with local public schools to open up the Durant Center in Seat Pleasant, Maryland, the neighborhood in which he grew up. College track will use Durant’s money to open facilities and manage operational costs. The Durant Center in Seat Pleasant will be College Tracks First East Coast branch. 

“I want them to see the world,” Durant said in a phone interview with The Washington Post. “I want them to see where people are from and see that there are things outside their world. I don’t know exactly or at what pace that they will get it, but there is a world outside that they need to see.”

For Durant, there is a lot of value in a program like College Track that assists kids from 9th grade all the way through college graduation.

“We didn’t have the resources to get our minds thinking about the next level,” Durant said in an interview with the Washington Post. “I want to do my part, whatever it is. If College Track students want to be the next Steve Jobs or the next influencer or the next tastemakers, they can get there.”

Durant is actually following in the gigantic footsteps of Lebron, who is opening an “I Promise” school in Akron, Ohio, where he grew up. Neither player seems likely to shut up or stop helping kids to elevate themselves any time soon.