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‘WandaVision’ Plot Line Might Already Have Happened in a 1989 Comic Book

Here's what might be happening on the upcoming Marvel show.


Of all of the upcoming MCU series on Disney+, WandaVision is perhaps the most interesting. Its star has called the series “bonkers,” and a high-profile casting decision makes it look like the show will be the site of the long-awaited integration of the X-Men into the MCU. And that’s before you remember that the premise of the show depends on to some degree getting around the (also bonkers) events of Infinity War.

So any news about WandaVision is interesting news, and it looks like comics journalist and podcaster Charles Murphy has a pretty big scoop. (Keep in mind this is a rumor)

Two sources told Murphy that “a series subplot will be very loosely based on John Byrne’s run on West Coast Avengers.” That eight-issue run of comic books begins with Vision going missing and Wanda’s quest to find him. She finds that he’s “been taken by a multinational group called Vigilance, finds him totally deconstructed on a table, and learns that all his memories (data) have been wiped and he has no recollection of their life together.” Uh-oh.

In other words, if Murphy’s sources are correct, Wanda will go on her own Vision quest when the show premieres this year.

And that’s not the only interesting implication of this rumor. It could be that the tabla rasa Vision in Byrne’s work was created in the MCU when Thanos removed the Mind Stone in Infinity War. Wouldn’t it make sense for the two superheroes, one a blank slate and the other recovering from a traumatic event, to escape to a Leave It to Beaver-style existence, hiding their interesting lives in the anonymous uniformity of the suburbs?

TV history is littered with shows that successfully exploited this dynamic — Mad Men, The AmericansThe Sopranos — so it wouldn’t be all that surprising to see it pop up again, with secret superpowers subbing in for hidden lives as a war deserter, Soviet spies, and Mafioso, respectively.

Now, anonymous reports might be par for the course for the notoriously secretive Marvel Cinematic Universe, but without official, named confirmation these rumors will need to be taken with a grain of salt. We won’t know if they’re right or wrong until we finally get to watch WandaVision later this year.

In the meantime, you can check out to Byrne’s work on the West Coast Avengers in a book that collects the issues from his run, available for purchase on Amazon.

This omnibus contains the 1989 run featuring the Vision Quest. Don't let the 2015 cover art fool you.