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‘WandaVision’ Is Pretending Like Vision Didn’t Die in ‘Infinity War.’ Then It’s Going to Get Weird

The series looks like what would happen if two characters from the MCU were dropped into 'Pleasantville.'

Credit: Marvel/Disney

Remember when Thanos plucked a golden stone from Vision’s forehead in 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War? Well, good news, Vision is alive again! And, not only does he look 100 percent human (no Mind Stone) but he’s also living out some suburban bliss with Scarlet Witch; AKA Wanda Maximoff. We’ve known for a while that Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany would star in their own Marvel TV show for Disney+, but what we didn’t know is how weird it was going to be. Spoiler alert: It’s weirder than you can possibly imagine.

Over the weekend, at the D23 Disney convention, new details and art for WandaVision were revealed, and they are super-confusing. The show will apparently focus on Wanda and Vision living out married life together in a 1950s home. This is the real plot of the show: two superheroes (one who is a dead robot) will hang out in a suburban house as a married couple. Meaning, the greatest Marvel twist of all time is…martial bliss? The premise of the series seems like a superhero version of Pleasantville or maybe that weird Fred Armisen Maya Rudolph comedy, Forever, where a married couple are both secretly ghosts.

Concept artist Andy Park shared a painting he did of Vision and Wanda in their retro home, and it’s equal parts beautiful and bizarre. Are Vision and Wanda living in a simulation? Did Wanda travel back in time to a point before the Thanos snap, and thus, “save” Vision’s life? Right now, nothing about this is clear.

One notable detail about the concept art is the shadows lurking behind the two characters seem to be outlines of them in their superhero guises. But there’s a twist with that, too. Though the MCU character of Wanda Maximoff is known as “Scarlet Witch” in the comic books, she has never actually been called by that name in the Marvel movies. Why? Well, up until this year, the name Scarlet Witch was actually connected to the X-Men. (Long story short: in the X-Men comics, Scarlet Witch is Magneto’s daughter.

Scarlet Witch AKA Wanda Maximoff in her Marvel Comics costume. (Credit: Marvel Comics)

Anyway, the use of that name, and of Scarlet Witch’s famous costume, complete with a pointy headdress, wasn’t something Marvel Studios could do. But, now that Fox has merged with Disney, it seems like Wanda’s famous Scarlet Witch costume, complete with that hat, could make a big comeback.

Does all of this mean that the happy couple are living in an alternate universe? Will this be a totally new beginning for the Marve Universe? If so, it will be different. But maybe that’s good. Maybe a superhero story should start from the living room of a married couple. After all, that’s the story many of us live every single day.

WandaVision will debut sometime in 2020 on Disney+.