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Walmart Finally Gets Responsible About Gun Violence. But There’s a Big Catch

After years of dodging questions about gun sales in America, the popular retailer seems to finally care about gun violence. But do the really?


Walmart appears to have finally woken-up. The biggest retail store in America will no longer sell assault-rifle ammunition, handgun ammunition, or handguns. Though Walmarts around the country will continue to sell out the stock it already carries of said ammunition, after that stock is depleted, the company will not re-stock ammunition at any of its stores.

On Tuesday, according to CNN, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said: “It’s clear to us that the status quo is unacceptable.” That status quo included the fact that anyone could buy assault rifle ammunition at Walmart, and in the state of Alaska, buy a handgun inside of Walmart. Now, that will no longer be the case. Walmart will also no longer allow customers to display firearms in their stores in states with open-carry laws. Open-carry laws allow for people to walk around with obvious guns strapped to their bodies. In the wake of seemingly never-ending school and mass shootings, McMillion made this decision to apparently make his company do the right thing. Walmart is also encouraging Congress for stricter gun laws.

But. (You know there was a “but,” right?) Although this is a huge step for Walmart, one specific aspect of this news should not be overlooked: Walmart is still selling guns. The fine print of this announcement comes with a huge caveat; Walmart will still sell hunting guns, including rifles and deer shotguns. In fact, Dave Chappelle recently joked about the ease of buying a deadly shotgun at Walmart in his most recent Netflix comedy special. 

In other words, you can still buy a lot of guns and human-killing buckshot ammo at Walmart and that’s not changing at all. The CEO of Walmart might be concerned about the status quo of assault weapons, but the America in which someone can go to Walmart and buy a gun isn’t really changing anytime soon.