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Walmart is Fighting Amazon By Focusing on Families

Walmart is overhauling their website to make it more colorful and interactive.


Walmart is turning a website update — no small matter for a world-straddling retailer — into another attempt to appeal to American families. This week, company CEO Marc Lore bragged that the new site would feature “relatable photography that showcases real-life moments” while showcasing images of kids in high chairs and strollers. He also bragged about specialty shopping experiences, some of which seem to be geared specifically toward new parents. And this all makes sense. Walmart is in an ongoing war for American family money with Amazon. By being the “Everything a Family Needs” store, the company sees a way to beat the “Everything Store.”

Though Walmart sells all kinds of items, Lore’s statement puts an emphasis on his company’s deep desire to make it “compelling” for families to buy things like “ diapers, laundry detergent or a new dining room table” at Walmart. There’s also a big push to use brighter colors which have been shown to have positive effects on children. The massive overhaul has been a long time coming too. Last year Walmart revamped its entire Parent’s Choice brand and released their very first line of crib sheets, sippy cups, wipes, and diapers. 

The new site will show shoppers items that are popular in their specific area, giving it more of a community feel. This will be the case for everything in the store from clothes to various food items. Free two-day shipping, price matching, and in-store pick up will also remain options.

While the retailer plans to give shoppers more options tailored specifically to their needs, there will still be the option for people to leave reviews on the different things they’ve bought in the store. As the opportunities for consumers to interface with each other remains in place, Walmart has also promised that different brands will be able to tell more stories about their products through the site as well.

It makes sense that Walmart is looking to fight for the everyday family. 42 percent of all the purchases made by shoppers at Walmart annually come directly from families that make less than $40,000 a year. That’s less than half the country, but it’s a lot of families and a lot of shoppers.