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See How Your City Stacks Up Against The Best And Worst Places To Spend 4th Of July

Mike Licht

Online personal finance guru WalletHub projects that U.S. families will spend roughly $370.75 on the 4th Of July this year — a 7 percent increase from 2015, just like the founding fathers would have wanted. Where you spend that money matters, which is why the credit reporting site ranked the 100 most popular city on their festivities. Depending on how your upcoming plans stack up, it might make you see red (or white and blue).

The complete list (located here) scored cities on 3 separate categories including weather, food and entertainment, and attractions and activities, along with 16 different metrics, and you’re damn right legal fireworks was one of them. Seattle scored the best overall, ranking 46th for food and entertainment, 3rd for attractions and activities, and 5th for the weather. Dallas was number one for food and entertainment, because barbecue; Minneapolis topped the list for activities and attractions, and San Francisco won the weather category. Surprisingly, Cincinnati ranked 2nd for activities and attractions — just further proof that LeBron James is the most powerful man in the universe.

WalletHub Ranks 100 Cities For The Best Independence Day

By far the worst city to visit on Independence Day is Laredo, Texas, which was 74th for food and entertainment, 98th for attractions and activities, and 86th for weather. This is partially due to the fact that the city has the least accommodations and restaurants per capita, probably because the only reason to go to Laredo is because you live there. Other places you shouldn’t have too much trouble avoiding are San Bernardino, which had the worst food, Tulsa, which had the worst weather, and of course Las Vegas, which didn’t have the most family friendly activities. Unless you live there, in which case you probably think your family activities are just fine, thank you very much.

[H/T] WalletHub