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Waiters Share the Weirdest Things They’ve Seen Kids Draw at Restaurants

From the hilarious to the slightly morbid, here are some of the strangest things kids have drawn at restaurants.


There’s no denying that when you give a kid some crayons and a kid’s menu, things tend to get pretty weird. So, when Reddit user Lone_Wolf1319 asked waiters and waitresses to share the weirdest things they had seen a kid draw, it seemed likly that there would be some really bizarre responses. As it turned out, “bizarre” was too mild a modifier. It turns out that the things kids doodle during dinner are truly insane.

Unfortunately, there weren’t any pictures but the descriptions alone are enough to haunt your dreams. Here are a few of the absolute nuttiest drawings created by kids according to the waiters and waitresses of Reddit.

This kid decided to show off his knowledge of the birds and bees but his parents didn’t seem too impressed.

Every kid loves to draw their pet dog but it takes true imagination to give that dog a second head.

Without restaurant crayons, the world would never have gotten this child’s ultra-realistic rendering of Humpty Dumpty’s great fall.

These kids used the crayons to let their waiter know he wasn’t quite living up to their standards.

There is something about drawing with crayons that just makes kids want to create the most morbid and disturbing images possible.

One kid skipped the drawing altogether and just shared his true feelings.

Why use crayons to draw when you can just enjoy their delicious flavor instead?