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Of Course: Waffle House’s First Beer Is Brewed with Bacon

Bacon & Kegs is only available at a Georgia brewery — for now.

Oconee Brewing Company / Instagram

It’s fitting that Waffle House, the best place to end up after a long night of drinking beer, now has its own signature brew that isn’t coffee. The new beer is a collaboration with Oconee Brewing Company, a craft brewery located in Greensboro, Georgia, just over 60 miles from WaHo corporate headquarters in Atlanta.

Bacon & Kegs is a 6.5-percent ABV bacon-infused red ale. According to the brewery’s tasting notes, “the malty sweetness of the base beer blends perfectly with the salty, savory, and smokey bacon extract.” The brewery says the beer “pairs well with breakfast food items (obviously!) or can be enjoyed as a stand-alone, soon to be iconic beer.”

“This story began in January with someone with Waffle House being kind enough to respond to an email that I sent proposing a collaboration,” Leslie Tillery, Oconee’s media director, told Food & Wine.

“That initiated communication with some of the executive team at the Atlanta corporate office. After a COVID delay, our two groups held a taste test at Oconee Brewing Company and chose a bacon-infused red ale to release as the first ever Waffle House beer!”

Bacon & Kegs is currently available at the brewery, on draft, and in six-packs. It’s not (yet) available at Waffle House restaurants, as the only Waffle House location that currently serves beer is the one within Truist Park, the home of the Atlanta Braves, which is closed for the offseason. But if 2020 has taught us anything — it’s that anything can happen.

So, while it might not be at your local Waffle House right now, the brewery has said that Bacon & Kegs will likely be more than a one-off and become more widely available in the future. Maybe it’ll be served alongside bacon and eggs and pancakes, or maybe it will just be at the local grocery store, but either way, we’re intrigued.