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Volkswagen Confirms It’s Bringing Back the Iconic Microbus

But this time it's all electric, no sunflower oil required.

In January, Volkswagen teased the world with a sexy electric redesign of its iconic ’60s microbus. This week, the company proved its no tease at all. Officials announced that the concept VW ID Buzz will become a reality. Well, the whole thing is a bit of a tease because the bus won’t hit roads until 2022.

When it does, though, the SUV and minivan market should expect some stiff competition. As we noted following its unveiling at the Detroit Auto Show, the Buzz will be an all-wheel drive, entirely electric vehicle with room for eight. It will also drive itself (as the steering wheel retracts into the dashboard), or at least that’s the plan. And it never needs to be refilled with sunflower oil.

The two-tone, 16-footer will rock a motor on each axle, 369 ponies (that allow it to hit 60 mph in five seconds), and a single-charge range of around 270 miles.The Li-Ion batteries will also reportedly charge in 30 minutes and be housed under the floorboards, which will leave 162.5 cubic feet of cargo space. In fact, Volkswagen also plans to roll out a full cargo version of the Buzz, aptly named the Buzz Cargo, for delivery companies and families who’d rather not lash furniture to the roof of the car. The interior on the passenger version will be customizable, with seats that can be moved around, and they’ll be stunning views of the next solar eclipse from under the giant moonroof.

Assuming you love the idea/nostalgia of the ID but think it’s too much van for your young family, not to worry. VW intends to debut an all-electric four-door Buzz crossover ⏤ again, inspiringly named the Crozz ⏤ in 2020.