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VistaJet Now Offers a $4,000 In-Flight Tea Party For Kids

Or you could just let them watch your iPad.


Wow, rich people can’t even bother to be bored on an airplane like the rest of us. VistaJet, a private jet charter service known for shuttling politicians and corporate executives, is now offering customers and their kids an optional $4,000 Alice in Wonderland-style tea party when they book the $12,000-per hour jet.

The super-expensive offering comes courtesy of VistaJet’s collaboration with Sharky and George, the London-based children’s event planners. According to officials, once kids board the plane they will be guided through an entire narrative by a trained entertainer.

“For the duration of their flight, children will have the chance to play games and try themed crafts and activities tailored to their age and interests,” says a company representative. “From hosting their own Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, to playing flamingo croquet with hedgehogs as balls, to the Contrariwise game, where everything is done back-to-front and the wrong way around.”

There will also be plenty of arts-and-crafts where kids can build their own playing-card soldiers, make kaleidoscopes, and paint their own teacups. While the idea of dropping four mortgage payments on an aggressively glorified tea party in the sky is unbearably bourgeois, it also sounds kind of cool ⏤ and not too unlike an ironic waste of money that would actually make you laugh if it wasn’t a 100 percent real thing.