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Ready Or Not Samsung Is Taking Your Bedtime Stories Into Virtual Reality

YouTube / Samsung

Stanford University has been working with Sesame Street long enough to find out that half of kids can’t tell the difference between virtual reality and regular reality. But, given your own kid’s ability to turn bedtime stories into a virtual world with no fancy software needed, that’s probably no surprise. And it’s probably even less of a surprise that Samsung is trying to combine these 2 tendencies with a new bedtime stories app for it’s virtual reality platform, Gear.

The best part of the app, currently know as Bedtime VR Stories, is that it’s designed specifically so families can engage in their traditional bedtime routine, regardless of whether or not mom and dad are home in time. By wearing the Gear VR while your kid wears the decorated Google Cardboard headset, you can narrate a story from a far away land while joining them in it, no matter where you are. While this could technically enable deadbeat parents (pun soooo intended), it could also be a solution for good parents stuck at the office or on the road.

Unfortunately the new app is only a prototype and not yet available for purchase. The good news is that it’s currently being tested in the U.K., which means the kids you can watch using it on YouTube have adorable accents — which makes the whole enterprise seem even more exotic.

[H/T] The Verge