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Toddler Pulls Off the Greatest Crib Escape Ever Caught in Viral Video

When it comes to escaping cribs, toddlers transform into adorable little Houdinis.


Toddlers are clumsy tiny humans who can barely string together more than a couple of steps before falling flat on their adorable little faces. But when it comes to escaping their cribs, these same helpless klutzes suddenly transform into mini Houdinis, capable of seemingly inhuman feats of strength and flexibility as they manage to free themselves from their beds with ease. And a new viral video posted by Digg shows just how much kids are willing to do in order to escape the confines of their safe and secure bed.

Typically, parents have no idea how their kid got out of their crib, only finding them after the escape has already been pulled off. But this particular toddler’s break out was caught on film and proves once and for all that Olympic gymnasts can’t hold a candle to a child who is determined to liberate themselves from the barred reality of crib life.

In the video, the toddler is shown chilling in their crib, as one does, before pulling off their daring escape while showing off some serious upper body strength. The toddler grabs the bars from the outside and then quickly flips themselves over the bars, landing on the ground. From the viewer’s perspective, there is a natural response to seeing the child land and wondering if they got themselves seriously injured.

But the master escape artist pulls off an injury-free landing, as they quickly gather themselves and casually make their way to the door, most likely hoping to get a hold of a snack from the kitchen before they are discovered by their mom or dad or to find their parents in general. Ironically, the toddler looks far less confident walking towards the door than they did literally flipping their entire body over their crib bars. Such is the confusing, awe-inspiring power of a child escaping their crib.

So the next time you are putting your toddler to bed in their crib, remember that they may already be plotting their daring and seemingly impossible return to the real world.