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Watch This 2-Year-Old Slam No-Look Baskets Over and Over Again

Nothing but net.

Kelsey Bender/Facebook

A Kentucky toddler has already mastered his basketball trick shot. In a series of five Facebook videos that are going viral, two-year-old Elijah Bender of Russell, Ky. sinks basket after basket without even looking, much to the amazement of his parents.

“We figured he’d miss but he’s pretty good,” mom Kelsey Bender said of the first time her son made a shot without breaking eye contact. “I was recording on Snapchat…and he just did it. I was like, ‘That’s crazy, that’s never going to happen again.'”

But it did happen again—four more times, to be exact. The mom of two explained that Elijah has loved basketball ever since his grandparents gave him the hoop for his birthday. “From the time his feet hit the floor, he’s playing basketball… He just [shoots baskets] all the time,” she said. “He always watches games on TV and he tries to copy whatever they are doing… which is hilarious to watch. He’s sharp and he picks up on everything he sees.”

So this may be a thing now. (Ignore my crazy laugh)

Posted by Kelsey Bender on Saturday, December 15, 2018

People are loving the toddler’s shooting skills on social media. One user commented, “I want courtside seats when he plays in the NBA!” while another said, “Future Globetrotter?!”

And Bender says that basketball isn’t the only sport that her son is obsessed with—he also loves football, which her dad coaches. “Our days consist of finding a game on TV for him to watch… I don’t know what we are going to do when football and basketball are over,” Kelsey told POPSUGAR, joking, “I don’t think our living room is big enough for baseball. I can imagine how well it’s going to go over when we lose a window!”