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LeBron Is in Full Dad Mode as His Son Pulls Off a Pregame Dunk at Staples Center

Like father, like son.

LeBron James/Twitter

In a video tweeted Saturday afternoon by LeBron James, the basketball superstar cheers on his 14-year-old son as he nails a pregame slam dunk at the Staples Center. Dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, LeBron ‘Bronny’ James, Jr. dribbles down the court and leaps up for a one-handed dunk while his dad watches from the sideline.

Proudly captioned “Lite bounce in [jeans emoji] though! #JamesGang,” the video features Bronny showing off his impressive skills before the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Utah Jazz game on November 23. “Hey, let’s go!” his dad shouts, as the boy takes an impressive jump towards the basket for his dunk. It’s an improvement from Bronny’s first dunk attempt back in July (which James also tweeted about), when the teen made a worthy effort but unfortunately missed the net.

He scored on Friday night, though—and it’s making fans everywhere wonder if the Lakers small forward will be the first dad in the history of the NBA to play at the same time as his son. James has addressed the topic in the past, saying it’s completely possible and joking, “I’d give him all six fouls. I’d foul the shit out of Bronny, man.”

Regardless, the video, which already has over 6,500 retweets and almost 52,000 likes, is proof of how supportive (and proud) James is of his son. And he isn’t the only one who’s impressed. Twitter users seem to love the young player as much as they love his NBA legend father, with one fan commenting, “It must be so awesome to see your kid dunk. Congrats on being a great dad from a fellow father!”