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Viral Video Shows Dad Released from ICE Detention Reunited With His Son

It's simultaneously heartwarming and heartbreaking.

A video of a father walking out of an ICE detention facility reuniting with his young son is going viral. It’s simultaneously heartwarming — they’re back together! — and heartbreaking — they were split up by a cruel system in the first place.

The clip shows the door to the facility opening and a man walking out, holding his possessions in a clear plastic bag. Once the boy in the foreground sees his dad’s face he sprints toward him. Once dad spots the boy, he lets go of the bag and drops to his knees. Their embrace is a moment of pure emotion, each person clutching the other as if they didn’t know they’d see each him again which, of course, they didn’t.

TikTok user evobby shared the video and added the context for the joyful reunion: “My son missed his daddy so much for almost 6 months being in jail for a speeding ticket & then taken into ICE, almost deported.”


my son missed his daddy so much for almost 6 months being in jail for a speeding ticket&then taken into ICE, almost deported..#fyp

♬ Surrender – Natalie Taylor

The video has racked up over 475,000 likes and 4,200 comments on the back of its 2.4 million (!) views. That’s millions of reminders of the injustices of the American immigration system that, thanks to COVID-19 and George Floyd — manifestations of the injustices in the American healthcare and law enforcement systems — have recently fallen off the front page.