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Viral Video Proves Why Correct Car Seat Installation Matters

Strapping your kid to the seat isn't enough.

A dash cam video showing a child strapped to a car seat falling out of a moving car has gone viral.

The incident took place in the southern Minnesota city of Mankato at about 11:45 a.m. on Monday. The video shows a grey sedan taking a fairly sharp right turn. The rear driver’s side door opens, and a car seat holding a child dressed in pink falls onto the pavement.

The car continues down the road, presumably unaware of what transpired in the back seat, as passersby run into the road to check on the child.

The driver of the vehicle, the child’s mother, returned when she realized what had happened. Police allowed her to take the two-year-old, whose name an gender are being withheld, home once paramedics confirmed that no injuries were sustained. They are, however, recommending to the county attorney’s office that the mother face charges of child endangerment and not fastening a child restraint system.

The incident is a reminder that car seats are only effective when properly installed in the car.

When you buy a car seat, make sure that it fits properly in your car. During installation, make sure you follow the instructions closely. If you’re not sure if you’ve done it right, drive over to a firehouse, where you can find a professional who will make sure that your kid is safe while you cruise around town.

Here’s more about correct Car Seat Safety, including why the pool noodle-hack can save you with certain rear-facing car seats.


Editor’s noteyou can view the video here. For copyright reasons, it is not embedded in the article above.