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Video of Baby Having Full-On Gibberish Conversation With Dad Goes Viral

"Really? I thought the same thing!"

Twitter / @_11Remember_

As if babies learning to speak could get any cuter, a recent viral video is winning hearts all over the internet. Mom Shanieke Pryor uploaded a video of her baby boy and his dad having a “conversation” in front of the T.V., and it’s probably the purest interaction you’ll ever see.

In the video, father and son are “discussing” what they’re watching – only, one side of the conversation is entirely gibberish. As the baby points to things happening on the screen and spews out nonsense reactions, dad replies as if he understood everything his son said.

‘They need to work on that, right?” dad says after his son gestures toward the television. “That’s what I was wondering, I don’t know what they’re going to do next season.” he replies after another gibberish sentence. “Exactly what I was thinking!” he exclaims.

The adorable baby nods along like he also understands the whole interaction, and the whole thing is entirely heart-melting. If you watched it on mute, it would be easy to assume the two were having a real conversation based on their body language.

The clip has rightly exploded, with 34 million views and over 1 million shares so far. Not only are viewers obsessed with how cute this little boy is, but many parents are also commending his father for speaking to him this way. “Way to go Dad! Teach your child how to have real conversations instead of just baby talk!” one commenter on Facebook wrote.

“Now that’s sweet and encouraging! Pure love..Daddy you’re doing a great job!” said another.