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Parents Convince Toddler To “Power” TV By Biking in Viral TikTok

This is our kind of parenting hack.

Have you ever looked at your youngster staring at the TV and reminisced for the good old days, when they’d spend all day outside and come home just before the sun set? Well, those days may be over, but a new viral video might give you a parenting idea for how to keep your kids active as they watch Paw Patrol. 

Listen, kids don’t exercise unless there’s an element of fun involved. No one expects a kid to do a bunch of push-ups or run a mile in pursuit of a buff frame. Instead, kids bike, play sports and climb the jungle gym. But when those things are inaccessible, what are parents to do when a kid doesn’t have the space to go play?

One family seemed determined to set out to find a way to make using a stationary bike fun for their toddler daughter and also help her pedal with purpose. You may be wondering, how do you encourage your toddler to get more playtime at home? Well, for these parents, their strategy was to convince their kid that their TV’s “life” depended on her, or, more specifically, her bike. The results? A hilarious viral video that also doubles as a pretty innovative hack for helping your kids to get some cardio while also watching TV at the same time — or perhaps just a video that’s a joke.

The family, who posts wholesome parenting videos on TikTok under the aptly-named username @toddlertok, shared the video of their toddler using a makeshift stationary bike with a cord coming from the bike and attached to the TV to make it look like the movement of the pedals is apparently powering the flatscreen. T

he creators of the video captioned it with a simple question, “Is this bad parenting?” While it’s not necessarily conventional to lie to your kids about how the TV works, at least it’s a funny and relatable solution to encouraging your kids to get a few minutes of extra energy-burning time in.

The video has gained a lot of traction from parents on TikTok. So far, it’s received more than 250,000 likes with a lot of supportive comments. One TikTok user commented, “Awesome! My kind of parenting!” and another wrote, “I need the tv that actually requires this…” and TBH, we kind of want it too. There are those desks that have bikes on the bottom of them, after all…

Someone else wished that they had used this hack on their own kid when they were young, writing, “Omg this is genius! Wish I thought of this when my son was a toddler,” to which @toddlertok replied, “It works! She loves it,” which is great to hear. This could be a short-term solution to help your kids get moving a bit more throughout the day, with the added bonus that they can still watch TV while moving their young and growing bodies. It’s a little bit more active, so-to-speak, than sitting an inch away from the TV, slackjawed, watching Peppa Pig be terrible. 


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Of course, the grift will only last so long. Kids tend to learn about electricity pretty early, and at some point, this toddler will look at her parents and say, “Hey, wait a minute.” But for now, they have a funny viral video and a good story to tell their kid when she gets older.