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Viral TikTok Too Relatable To Parents of Babies Who Mouth Everything

This kid thought she was being slick.

Let this be known as a universal truth: If a toddler holds an item for more than 10 seconds, there’s a good chance that they’re going to try and stick it in their mouth. And one aunt managed to perfectly capture a moment where her niece got caught trying to stick the wrong end of a marker in her mouth.

Tik-Tok user abrazaroashop posted the hilarious video of her niece Cam, who was using a marker to draw, use her big thinking brain to attempt to put that very same marker right in her mouth — without her mom noticing. Mostly, the toddler is too busy sticking the marker in her mouth to do any actual drawing. Cam is initially only putting the back of the pen in her mouth but suddenly, she gets that classic mischievous look in her eye that every parent is familiar with and she slowly starts to turn the marker around.

Just as she is about to get a sweet, sweet, victorious taste of the marker, her mom or aunt intervenes with a firm “No!” Cam looks absolutely terrified at having been caught, only to try and play it off like she was simply coloring the whole time, trying to get away with the marker mouth heist.

The video quickly went viral on Tik-Tok, receiving over 9.4 million views and more than 1.7 million likes since it was posted at the end of February. It also received thousands of commenters who related to Cam thinking she was being slick when really she was never close to getting away with anything.


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“She said ‘ohh u saw sum? Nah u trippin I ain’t do nothing,” commented one user.

“Omg the switch and the nonchalant I’m not doing nothing but dotting my paper,” wrote another user.

“When the boss walks in and you gotta look busy right quick,” another commented.

It’s clear that both parents and non-parents could relate to this experience, as we have all tried to get away with something only to be called out right when we thought we were about to get off scot-free. But just like Cam, we usually end up having to pretend like we didn’t just get caught blue-handed.