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Viral Single Dad Has Become the Internet’s Hottest Bachelor

Good for him!


When single dad Jeff Saville asked his daughter for advice before a date, he had no idea it would lead to him becoming an internet sensation. Saville went viral after his 19-year-old daughter Carli posted their text exchange on Twitter. Now, the dad is getting “asked out a lot.”

“I was trying to pick a shirt and couldn’t decide which one to go for,” The 56-year-old father of four told the BBC about his text exchange with Carli. “Carli is pretty good with fashion so I texted her. But she asked me to send her a selfie.” She proceeded to guide him through his options, and later uploaded screenshots to Twitter with the caption “Life with a single dad, asking for advice on date outfits.”

Since the Texas dad wasn’t on Twitter prior to the post, he wasn’t fully aware of how much attention it was getting. “I didn’t want him to be sad and mad in the same night, I thought he might be embarrassed and a little upset but he took it lightly,” Carli told Yahoo Lifestyle about his internet fame. “He was excited watching the tweet get more and more attention.”

The internet harder or Saville after it was revealed that his date stood him up, despite his dapper outfit choice. The post has over 169,000 like and 5,870 likes and an outpouring of supportive comments. And now, as Yahoo reports, Saville is getting romantic attention. “I’m being asked out a lot,” he told the outlet. “It’s unusual. It’s fun. It’s amazing. I don’t know what to say.”

“I hope it brings him a soulmate and someone that can bring him happiness for a lifetime,” his daughter Carli added. “He deserves it more than anyone I know.”