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Viral Reddit Thread Reveals Secrets People Keep from Their Parents

This one is an emotional roller coaster.

You don’t need to be a psychotherapist to know that parent-child relationships are…complicated. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that an r/AskReddit post that posed the question “If you could tell your parents one thing without consequence/repercussions, what would it be?” went viral, with responses that run the emotional gamut.

“As much as you both drive me crazy, you’re great parents, and now that you’re in your late 70’s I live every day terrified that this will be your last day. I don’t know how I’ll get by when you’re gone,” wrote u/Wishyouamerry, in a sweet but also sad response that several fellow Redditors identified with.

Anyone who’s ever blamed something on a sibling will relate to this response, from u/jakroois: “I was the one that scratched my name into the TV stand when I was a kid. I blamed it on my sister and we were so young, and she picked on me so often, that she’s thought this whole time she probably did do it. We’re both in our late 20s now, but yeah… Sorry mom.”

In the same vein, u/Woodcharles said they would reveal their tattoo to their parents, who presumably aren’t huge fans of body art. “Would sure save the summer visits with me in a shirt/cardigan going ‘No, I’m fine, quite chilly actually.'”

Sadly, many of the replies touched on traumatic experiences, the kinds of things that are difficult to talk about outside the anonymity of a Reddit forum. There’s the poster who is unconvinced their parents are really their parents, the one adamant that their parents (not video games) caused their panic attacks, and the transgender person pretending to love their racist and homophobic parents for financial reasons. Heavy, heavy stuff.

But the best post, in the end, likely comes from u/filistatas, which earns points for adding some much-needed levity to the discussion. Their big revelation to their parents?

“mom i use reddit”