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Viral Rapping Girl Alaya ‘Lay Lay’ High is the New Yodeling Kid

Your favorite rapper might be able to learn a thing or two from Lay Lay.

Instagram @that_girl_laylay44

One 11-year-old girl from Georgia should be getting some serious shine after videos of her freestyling over the beat to BlocBoy JB’s track “Shoot” made their way onto Instagram. While Alaya High — better known as Lay Lay — is just old enough to be riding in the front seat of her dad’s car (where the video was taken) she definitely freestyles with the confidence of rap veteran. High seems to be keeping it 100 percent original and off the top. Also, she’s a good student. Her rap was performed in celebration of a strong report card.

Older videos had helped Lay Lay garner some local fame in the Atlanta area , where she had rapped on the “The Frank Ski Morning Show,” a local radio program. As she explained on that program, she grew up listening to her dad rap while also singing and rapping along to different Eminem songs. Eminem is known for dense, multisyllabic, bordering on incomprehensible raps, so it’s no small thing for her to start practicing there. The practice seems to have paid off. Her new raps are attracting a national audience.

Though Lay Lay has boatloads of talent on top of her videos having been viewed millions of times, she hasn’t quite gotten her Lil Tay or Yodeling Kid-esque come up yet. It’s Hard to say why really. Not to diminish what they do, for the most part, but Lay Lay just keeps building onto her craft and not milking any one thing. She even dropped another freestyle to her Instagram earlier this week and she goes even harder on that one than she did in the first. Still, here’s to hoping we can catch the 11-year-old doing her rounds on the daytime television circuits or performing at sold-out festivals, she’s earned it.