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This Mom Dressed Her Newborn Up In Her Deceased Husband’s Military Uniform

"He was extremely devoted to the Army and his country. I thought nothing could be more fitting for her photos and something she can look back on with pride."

NPS Photography

Britt Harris of Fayetteville, North Carolina was just six weeks pregnant when her husband, Army Specialist Christopher Michael Harris, was killed while serving in Afghanistan. The couple’s daughter, Christian Michelle Harris, was born on March 17 of this year, just a few months after her father’s passing. To commemorate her fallen husband, Britt commissioned a touching photo shoot of baby Christian with her late father‘s military uniform.

Natasha Price Sewell of NPS Photography-Pinehurst took the photos of Baby Christian. One shows her wrapped in the top of her father’s army uniform; another shows her posed between a portrait of Christopher and his combat boots. All the shots serve as a touching tribute to her husband.

Britt, told TODAY it was important that the photos came out the way they did.

“I wanted Christian’s newborn pictures to be patriotic in a way,” she said. “I wanted to capture as much of Chris’s spirit as I could. As soon as I saw the very first preview of the photos, I cried. The picture of Christian wrapped with Chris’s uniform is my favorite. It makes me feel like he’s holding her.”

NPS Photography

Sewell says she felt honored to be taking the photographs, because her husband is also in the military; he’s stationed at Fort Bragg in North Carolina.

“Britt and Chris’ mother are amazing women,” said Sewell in an interview with Fox 8. “They were both at the photo session and it was a true honor to photograph this precious new life. These portraits were done for their family and for Christian to have as she grows.”

This isn’t the first time Britt turned her pregnancy into a touching tribute. Last year, asked the Army members who served alongside her husband to help her with a gender reveal that went viral.

“I’m dealing with a lot and grieving but I got to take off work and go to counseling, but they didn’t get to,” she said in an interview with ABC News. “I didn’t want them to be forgotten over there.”

NPS photography

At the end of the day, Britt says she feels like her daughter will be proud of the photos in the years to come: “He was extremely devoted to the Army and his country,” she told TODAY of Chris. “I thought nothing could be more fitting for her photos and something she can look back on with pride.”