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Viral Photo of Soccer Player Bonding With Toddler Will Bring You to Tears

"It was this instant bond we can’t begin to understand."


Get ready for all the warm and fuzzies. A sweet moment between a toddler and a professional soccer player has melted hearts all over the internet, and the viral photo will definitely put a giant smile on your face.

Twenty-one-month-old Joseph Tidd was born without a left forearm or hand and recently attended an Orlando Pride soccer game, where player Carson Pickett and the toddler shared a special moment. Pickett was also born without a left forearm and hand, so she quickly became a role model for Tidd.

During the game, Pickett came over to Tidd in the stands and the two bonded and exchanged an adorable fist bump. The image was shared on Tidd’s Instagram account and has nearly 5,000 likes.

Miles Tidd, Joseph’s father told Today how much the moment meant to him and his son. “Carson knelt down next to Joseph and showed him her arm. It was this instant bond we can’t begin to understand,” he said.” Tidd also shared how important it is for his son to have a role model like Pickett in his life. “Carson believes she can do anything, and that is the mindset we want Joseph to have as well.”

This isn’t the first time Pickett and Tidd have met, though. Last year, Pickett posted a picture of herself and Tidd on her own Instagram, with the caption: “Soccer means the world to me, but the platform that soccer provides me for things like this takes the cake. Joseph, you’re my new hero for life.”