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Viola Davis is Bringing Back ‘Corduroy’ the Teddy Bear

The actress' book will involve a trip to the theater made by Corduroy and his owner Lisa.

Corduroy, the loveable teddy bear that struggled to find a home because of a missing button, is now getting his third book treatment, this time at the hands of Oscar-, BAFTA-, Golden Globe-and Tony-Award winning actress Viola Davis. 

Titled “Corduroy Takes a Bow,” Davis’ book will focus on her real-world experience on the stage and will involve a trip to the theater made by Corduroy and his owner Lisa. As expected, Corduroy goes on his own adventures all over the theatre. Davis cited her lifelong love of the series, which spanned from her own childhood to when she began reading it to her kids as an adult.

viola davis corduroy

The first Corduroy book, published in the 1960’s, is a classic for kids and parents everywhere. It regularly appears on lists for best children’s books of all time and is a common sight on shelves.

For the uninformed, it tells the story of the titular overall-wearing bear at a department store. He has trouble being sold, until one day young Lisa, a young girl of color, approaches him with her mother and asks her mom if she can buy him. Her mother responds that she has spent too much money that day and besides, Corduroy is missing a button. That sends Corduroy off on an expedition to find another button through the Department store. After making loud noises when trying to take a button off of a mattress, a security guard discovers him and places him back on his shelf. Lisa returns the next day to buy him, using the money she’s saved in her piggy bank, and fixes his button.

A sequel was released in 1978 that followed Corduroy’s adventures after Lisa loses him at a Laundromat. He is found the next morning and Lisa sews a pocket onto him so that she can put an ID card in case he ever gets lost again. Davis’ new tale will be the third in the series. It’s another impressive hit on her already impressive resume, and, if she records the book on tape, there’s always hope that could be nominated for a Grammy and finally score the coveted EGOT.