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Vintage Drum-Off With Dave Grohl Has Us Pumped For New Muppets On Disney+

Hopefully, Grohl will make an appearance in season one.


With the brand new Muppets show about to drop on Disney+, it’s understandable that superfans of the stuffed puppets would take a trip down memory lane, and there is perhaps no better place to start than the one time that Dave Grohl, all-around good guy, drummer of Nirvana and frontman of The Foo Fighters, challenged famous Muppet, Animal, to a drum-off. The battle — a fraught one — ends with Grohl and Animal calling for a tie. They’re both proficient drummers in their own right and seemed to both think the other one was the winner.

But the clip, besides being a powerful showcase of Animal and Grohl’s talents, also serves another purpose: it helps us get really freaking pumped for the new Muppets show that’s launching on Disney+ tomorrow, July 31. The show, Muppets Now, promises to be a wacky, zany version of the classic Muppets show.

The semi-unscripted show is a meta-take on the Muppet Show of the ’70s: Scooter has become a showrunner trying to get episodes of Muppets Now live, Miss Piggy appears as a sort of piggy-like Gwyneth Paltrow, celebrities like Aubrey Plaza, Roy Choi, and Danny Trejo, and more come and visit the show to hilarious effect, and the show appears to have a very in-on-the-joke quality to it, making it great family viewing.

Hopefully, Grohl will return to the stage for another matchup with Animal. (Maybe he’ll bring his rockstar daughter?) But it’s hard to say who would win out in a drum matchup.