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Watch Thankful Fans Reduce John Cena to Tears

A video of John Cena being surprised by grateful fans is the most heartwarming thing you'll see all day.

WWE Superstar John Cena has become one of the most popular wrestlers in recent memory, but his greatest legacy might be cemented outside of the ring. The People’s Champ has used his celebrity status to give back to those in need at every possible opportunity, including granting more than 500 Make-A-Wish requests from fans. Now, many of his fans are letting him know just how much his “never give up” attitude has inspired them for the better. In a video with Cricket Wireless, Cena was asked to read thank you notes from several fans, not knowing that the people who wrote the notes were in the next room getting to hear their hero react to their kind words.

The video is emotional from the get-go, as Cena reads letter after letter of people thanking him for helping them through disease, depression, and other difficult times in their lives. But the video really take a turn when Cena watched a video of Tyler, a young fan of his, explain how he helped him get through his mom’s battle with cancer by giving him a wrist band after a match. Tyler then told Cena his mom is free of cancer.

Cena is understandably worked up while watching this video and he begins to reflect on the incredible perspective of someone so young when suddenly Tyler emerges and thanks Cena in person for everything he did for him. Cena is at a total lost for words and embraces Tyler in a massive hug. Shortly after, the rest of the people who thanked Cena via letter come in to thank him in person. Cena is reduced to tears by this wonderful surprise. It’s a touching moment that shows the tender, caring side of a man who beats the shit out of other people for a living.