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Watch This Dad Lose His Mind When He Finds out He’s Having a Boy

This hilarious video shows a husband losing his mind when he discovers his wife is giving birth to a baby boy.

When it comes to birth, there’s not much husbands can do to help the process along beyond offering their support and supplying a calming, reassuring presence to their wives. One soon-to-be dad was absolutely nailing his role in the delivery room, happily sitting by his wife’s side as she’s about to deliver their baby. He encourages his wife as she is forced to make push after push, adorably mouthing “one more, baby” when the final push finally comes. But his calm, cool, and collected persona shatters the minute he finds out his wife gave birth to a baby boy. And it’s a delight to watch.

Upon learning he has a son, this guy loses his freakin’ mind. He celebrates like a B-list actor who just won an Oscar over Robert DeNiro, like a guy who changed the channel from a repeat episode of NCIS to a channel where, unbeknownst to him, his team just won the pennant. His eyes almost bulge out of his head and then he immediately begins celebrating by howling as loud as he can and banging his fist against a table. You know, guy stuff. As he is coming down from the initial high, a certain panic overcomes him and he asks the doctor if she is sure that the baby is a boy. The doctor confirms and the dad has to sit down to try and compose himself as he processes this amazing news.

Judging by this guy’s early reaction and his wife’s rather casual delivery room demeanor, it’s safe to say this isn’t their first kid. And so this guy was really hoping for a son to the daughter they already have. And while he surely seems he would have been excited if his wife had given birth to a daughter, his cartoonish, over-the-top joy in the video makes us very glad they had a boy. And really happy the couple decided to not do a sex reveal party prior to the birth.