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Check Out This Volleyball Player’s Unbelievable Dive

You have to see this to believe it.

If you want to catch some of the best why-isn’t-this-on-Sports-Center-moments, you may just want to head to your local high school volleyball game. Don’t believe us? Just check out this sick nasty dive pulled off by a Texas player.

In the video below, Decatur High School senior Autumn Finney saved a rally with what can only be described as a superhuman dive and subsequent bump that somehow managed to sail over the net and stay in bounds. It was a hell of. play. Given Autumn’s absolutely bonkers leap to keep a point alive that nobody would have blamed her for giving up on, it looks like we have a new frontrunner for best “Holy shit! Did that really happen?!” sports play of the year.

The play was posted online by one of Autumn’s classmates and people were so blown away by her skills that it quickly went viral, with the original video being retweeted over 140,000 times. Other videos of the play ended up online as well and one, in particular, shows that after her incredible save, Autumn got back up in time to make another amazing dive that eventually helped her team win the point.

Autumn’s unbelievable athleticism on the dive becomes less surprising when you learn that she hopes to go to Texas A&M and go into the Corps of Cadets to eventually become a Marine. She is also one of the school’s star track & field athletes, as she is a long jumper, a triple jumper, and runs anchor for all three relays.

First-year Decatur coach Clark Oberle said she was surprised to see the play go viral because she has become so used to Autumn making amazing plays. But once someone showed her the video, she realized just how special Autumn’s dive really was.

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Of all the attention Autumn has received for her otherworldly play, she says “the pinnacle” was a shout out on Twitter from volleyball legend Kerri Walsh Jennings. Autumn explained her thrill at having one of her heroes recognize her ability on the court, saying that “everything else is just extra.”