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Hilarious Video Shows How Valentine’s Day Changes Once You Have Kids

It's a little too relatable for parents.

The Holderness Family/YouTube

Everything changes when you become a parent—including Valentine’s Day, according to one blogging couple. In a recent video, Penn and Kim Holderness of “The Holderness Family” captured the struggle of celebrating the holiday after having kids.

It all starts with the gifts. Before kids, Kim unwraps racy red lingerie while her husband sings a song he wrote just for her. But after? She’s more excited about the baggy gray sweatsuit she “can’t wait” to get into later (and less excited about the cringe-worthy song her kids wrote, played on recorders).

And when it comes to the agenda for February 14, it’s completely different as a parent. As a childless couple, Penn surprises Kim with tickets to a romantic evening downtown complete with concert tickets, wine, and dinner at an exclusive restaurant (with a five-month waiting list!).

But once the kids come along, their night consists of a chicken-wing dinner eaten off paper plates with the little ones, followed by an early showing of Sharknado 6 on the couch.

Things in the bedroom aren’t much better. What used to be rose petals on the bed and loving snuggles is now leftover food messes and ear-splitting snoring.

The video, which was posted Monday and already has almost one million views on Facebook, may poke fun at parenthood but it’s intended to be lighthearted and just for laughs. Because while the Holdernesses captioned the clip, “Gone are the days of fancy dinners and romantic songs,” they added that, “Love that lasts = sweatpants and asleep by 9:30.”