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Watch Thomas the Tank Engine Pull Off Some Epic Travis Pastrana-Esque Stunts

Sign him up for Nitro Circus.

YouTube/ 5MadMovieMakers

Thomas the Tank Engine is known for his enthusiastic approach to life, not his death-defying stunts. But YouTuber 5MadMovieMakers proved that the little engine has been hiding some serious Travis Pastrana-esque tricks up his, um, caboose? Anyway, they’re pretty rad.

5MadMovieMakers used some movie magic to transform Thomas’ standard wooden route into a stunt track and let the little guy fly. He started simply, by sending Thomas over a disconnected bridge. And while this would likely result in the iconic Tank Engine flying off the tracks and crashing onto the living room floor, Thomas manages to land safely on the other side and keeps cruising without missing a beat.

Next, 5MadMovieMakers sent Thomas speeding up a ramp and flying through a tiny opening and landing safely on the other side Before long, Thomas and 5MadMovieMakers were showing us what they could really do, as Thomas breaks through a wall of blocks, cruises through a roller coaster loop, and even flips from one track onto another without falling or losing his momentum. Sign him up for the Nitro Circus.

The video of Thomas’ badass stunts has been viewed more than 600,000 times in just a day, with many commenters wondering how 5MadMovieMakers was able to plan and execute these awesome stunts for Thomas. Of course, anyone familiar with 5MadMovieMakers’ channel knows that nobody is able to make simple toys do awesome stuff like them. In the past, they have accumulated millions of views by constructing LEGO roller coasters at the beach, a Hot Wheels stunt race, a rocket train, and tons of other unconventionally badass ideas. But this may be the channel’s coolest video yet, as nobody could have guessed that with a little ingenuity, Thomas the Tank Engine could look like he belongs in the next Fast and Furious sequel.