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Watch This Teacher Throw Down an Incredible Dunk Over a Student

The reaction from the crowd makes it even better.

Typically, student-teacher basketball games are fun, light-hearted events that focus more on teamwork and fundamentals than the actual score. But at a recent matchup between a high school’s best students and the teachers, one educator could not resist the chance to feed one of his students a delicious slice of humble pie with an absolutely devastating dunk.

The posterizing moment came during a teacher fastbreak when one of the educators set up a perfect alley-oop off the backboard. The unsuspecting kid appeared ready to snag an uncontested rebound but instead, he ended up getting jumped over by another teacher who delivered a ferocious slam dunk.

Getting to see a teacher put a little shame in their student’s game is always fun but the moment is amplified by the reaction of the crowd, which appears to mostly be students. The kids in the crowd could not be happier to see one of their teachers pull off such an outstanding play right over the head of one of their classmates. Some of the students laughed, some cheered but most chose the tried and true “Ooooohhhhh!!!!” as their response.

The video was uploaded to Instagram by tomasherrera_ where it was subsequently picked up by the Bleacher Report. From there, the epic dunk became a viral sensation, getting more than 10,000 likes and 3,000 retweets in just two days. Hopefully, this won’t be the last we see of this mysterious teacher and the humbling power of his awesome hops.